What to do when you break down

What to do when you break down

You might think that breaking down will never happen to you, however, with more than 180,000 breakdowns each year in the UK, there’s a good chance that it will at some point. With this in mind, it makes sense to know what to do should the worst occur. Read on to find out what to do when you break down.

Breakdowns on the motorwayCar Servicing in Rossington

Breaking down whilst on the motorway can be incredibly stressful, to say the least. However, you should also keep in mind that it can be very dangerous, with fast-moving traffic posing a real risk to your safety. If your vehicle breaks down on this type of road, follow these steps to stay safe.

  • Stop in a safe place. Ideally, you should park your car on the hard shoulder, keeping as far left as you can. Turning your wheels left too can help stop other cars from clipping them. If you can’t get to the hard shoulder, stay in your car and keep your seatbelt fastened. 
  • Turn on your hazard lights. You can make your car more visible to other motorists by turning on your hazard lights, as well as your side lights. Do this once you’ve moved your car from the road.
  • Stand behind the safety barrier. Get out of the car using the left-hand door and stand behind the safety barrier. This can help to you stay safe since you’ll be away from moving traffic. If you have pets in your vehicle, leave them where they are. Although it’s natural to want to take them with you, doing so could distract other drivers, potentially causing accidents. 
  • Call for emergency breakdown assistance. Once you’re safely behind the barrier on the motorway, it’s time to call for help. Contact your breakdown service provider, providing them with your location, details about your situation, and any specifics about your vehicle’s condition. If you’re without a phone or it’s not working, find an emergency phone. You’ll find these phones at one-mile intervals along the hard shoulder. 
  • Don’t attempt to repair your car yourself. The motorway is a dangerous place, with fast-moving traffic presenting a real hazard. If you attempt to carry out work on your vehicle, an accident could easily occur. Wait for a trained mechanic to arrive so that they can inspect and repair your car safely.

On other roads

If you break down on any other road, such as a residential street or countryside road, you’ll need to take similar steps to keep yourself and other people safe. Keep reading to learn what to do when you break down on an A, B, or minor road in the UK.

  • Pull your car over. If you have a problem with your vehicle, pull over somewhere safe, ideally away from other traffic. Be aware of pedestrians when doing this. 
  • Turn on your lights. Put your hazard lights on to let others know that your vehicle is stationary and there might be an issue. If the visibility is poor, you may also need to turn on your sidelights. 
  • Place a warning triangle behind your car. A red warning triangle can be placed 35-40 metres behind your car to alert other drivers of the obstruction. This helps increase the visibility of your vehicle and prevent potential accidents. If there’s somewhere where you can stand off the road, position yourself there, ideally wearing a high-vis jacket.
  • Call for breakdown assistance. Call your breakdown company, letting them know your location and situation. Wait in a safe place and don’t attempt to carry out repairs unless you’re an experienced mechanic. If you don’t have your phone with you or it isn’t working, head to the nearest emergency phone if there is one nearby.

car repairs in RossingtonWhy do most breakdowns occur? 

Now you know what to do when you break down, you might be wondering why most breakdowns occur in the first place. Whilst that are many possible reasons for cars breaking down, some are more common than others. A few of the most common reasons include issues with the battery, tyre problems like punctures, engine or mechanical failures, and running out of fuel. Regular vehicle maintenance can help to significantly reduce the likelihood of breakdowns occurring. Make sure you get your car serviced at the recommended intervals, addressing any potential issues before they become bigger, more serious problems. Remember, a well-maintained car is less likely to break down and leave you stranded at the side of the road. 

Car repairs in Rossington

If you break down on the motorway or any other type of road, it’s important to enlist the services of a skilled mechanic as quickly as possible. At B&W Auto Centre, we’re proud to be the first point of call for car repairs in Rossington, with our team regularly serving stranded motorists throughout the area. Whether you’re experiencing engine trouble, a flat tyre, or any other issue that has caused your car to break down, we can assist. 

We can provide a prompt and reliable service, carrying out the necessary repairs to get you back on the road safely. Don’t attempt to carry out repairs yourself if you’re not a trained mechanic. Doing so could put your safety at risk, especially if you’ve broken down on a busy motorway. With some of the most competitive prices for car repairs in your area, it makes sense to call B&W Auto Centre. 

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