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MOT Garage in Rossington Why is an MOT important?

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, with its myriad responsibilities and obligations, it's easy to overlook routine tasks that may seem mundane. Yet, among these, one stands out as crucial for both safety…

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What’s the most common car faults? [ Infographic ]

Maintaining a car is like nurturing a relationship; it requires attention, care, and occasional troubleshooting. Just as humans experience illness or injury, cars encounter faults that can disrupt their smooth functioning. While modern vehicles are…

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MOT Garage in Rossington What happens if my car fails an MOT? [ Infographic ]

Are you wondering “What happens if my car fails an MOT?”. If so, you’re certainly not alone. This is a concern that many motorists have, whatever the age and condition of their vehicle. Whilst it…

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How often do my brakes need to be changed?

Brakes are one of the key components of your car, responsible for slowing down and stopping safely. In emergencies, they can bring a car to an immediate halt, reducing the risk of collisions with other…

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MOT Why do I need an MOT?

If you own a vehicle that’s over three years old, it will need to pass an MOT test every year. A valid MOT certificate is required for you to be able to legally drive your…

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Vehicle Servicing in Rossington Can a car pass MOT with engine light on?

“Can a car pass MOT with engine light on?” is a question we get asked a lot here at B&W Auto Centre. Unfortunately, the answer is usually no. The presence of the engine light indicates…

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