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Questions to ask your mechanic

If you’re looking for a new mechanic and want to ensure you’re choosing the right professional for the job, there are a few questions you may want to ask. These questions can help ensure you…

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Car Tyres Rossington What is the difference between mid-range tyres and budget tyres?

Does your vehicle need new tyres? If so, you might be asking “What is the difference between mid-range tyres and budget tyres?”. Whilst budget tyres are obviously cheaper, they are often made from lower quality…

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How often do my brakes need to be changed?

Brakes are one of the key components of your car, responsible for slowing down and stopping safely. In emergencies, they can bring a car to an immediate halt, reducing the risk of collisions with other…

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MOT Why do I need an MOT?

If you own a vehicle that’s over three years old, it will need to pass an MOT test every year. A valid MOT certificate is required for you to be able to legally drive your…

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Car Servicing Rossington How often should I get my car serviced?

One of the most common questions we get asked here at B & W is “How often should I get my car serviced?”. Most people know that car servicing is important but aren’t sure how…

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Vehicle Servicing in Rossington Can a car pass MOT with engine light on?

“Can a car pass MOT with engine light on?” is a question we get asked a lot here at B&W Auto Centre. Unfortunately, the answer is usually no. The presence of the engine light indicates…

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Rossington Classic Car show Rossington Classic Car Show 2023

On Sunday the 11th of June 2023 Rossington will be proud to host the 2023 Rossington Classic Car Show. It will be open from 10:55 for the initial opening and close at 17:00.  It will…

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B&W Autoservices in Rossington Welcome

The whole team at B & W Auto Services are delighted to welcome you to our brand-new blog! We will be publishing regular news, advice and also up to date industry news for you to…

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